The Buzz (in Boston)

We just moved here from Boston, so haven’t created much buzz in Miami (yet!). Check out what they had to say about us in Bean Town.

Personal chef demystified (Yes – you can afford this service.)
When my mother had a stroke two years ago, I desperately searched for a meal solution for my dad, who was home alone. The answer for him turned out to be a personal chef: someone who came into his home and prepared meals for him that could be eaten fresh or frozen for later use.Then last fall, my husband started his own business and wasn’t at home as much as he had been. Who was going to go to the grocery store? I decided that if a personal chef worked for my dad, maybe it would work for me. Diego can help you too. He’ll shop, come to your kitchen and cook, clean up, and leave your refrigerator filled with delicious food. read more »

”There’s a sheer delight in knowing that there’s a meal in your refrigerator that Diego’s made,” says Fran Malino, a professor at Wellesley College who was given the personal chef service as a gift from her daughter. ”And amazingly, when he’s finished in the kitchen, it’s more spotless than it was when he came.” read more »

How to: Hire a Personal Chef
“Tired of restaurant menus that don’t take into account allergies and other dietary restrictions? Personal chefs are the answer for many with special requirements… Diego Salgado, chef/owner of de cuzine, says many of his clients are on specialized diets.”

“So for mercy’s sake, get yourself a visit from personal chef Diego Salgado. Born and raised in Ecuador, Salgado’s services include more than just a few home-cooked meals. After picking up your groceries (score!), the soft-spoken gent tosses together meals that sing.” read more »

Wicked Good Fun
“6p.m.:Your personal chef arrives, pans and ingredients in tow. You’ve hired him to create a week’s worth of meals — such as Dijon-crusted lamb — all ready to heat. You pour a glass of pinot grigio and watch him go to work.”