Harvard Hit

(November 2007)
Personal chef demystified (Yes – you can afford this service.)

When my mother had a stroke two years ago, I desperately searched for a meal solution for my dad, who was home alone. The answer for him turned out to be a personal chef: someone who came into his home and prepared meals for him that could be eaten fresh or frozen for later use.

Then last fall, my husband started his own business and wasn’t at home as much as he had been. Who was going to go to the grocery store? I decided that if a personal chef worked for my dad, maybe it would work for me.

Diego Salgado of de cuzine can help you too. He’ll shop, come to your kitchen and cook, clean up, and leave your refrigerator filled with delicious food. It can be once a month, every other week, every week or a one-time affair. Diego will tailor the menu to your requirements: he begins by asking you questions about your food and dining-out preferences, then suggests menu choices based on your answers. He’ll also buy specific brands or shop at the market of your choice.

Sandy Carr
Harvard Business School